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Credits & Acknowledgements

Greatest Inspirations


who purchased our first piece and declared the desire to obtain a representative bowl from each of the 21 Pueblos.

John Berry

author of "American Indian Pottery" (1984).  He set our standards; including his interest in Eastern Pottery.

Alan Hayes and John Blum

who re-inspired us with their publication of "Southwestern Pottery - Anasazi to Zuni" (1996).


for bringing garage sales from across the country right into our living room.


for making it easy to find potters and obtain research.

Information and Photograph Acknowledgements

Very little information on this site is "original".  Almost everything we've learned came from someone else.  In fact, all knowledge is a collection of information from other people combined with personal experiences.  We wish to share all that we have learned regarding Native American Pottery, whether is comes from our own experiences or through our education.
Where information and pictures are hard-copied from other sites, the link to the site is included.  Where at all possible, a direct link will be made from the subject picture, to the site of origination.  If a reference is gathered from literature, the source will be identified.
Information on the Web is fluid.  It may be there for a while and then suddenly disappear, never to be seen again.  We would hate to have essential information turn into a dead link.  So when we feel that information is valuable, we will place it also on to our site to insure that it is retained.  In all cases, it is our intention to make links and give credit to the site of origination. 
As a famous musician once said: "Taking from one person is called plagiarism; but taking from many is called research" - Lorendo Alameda
We gather this information for the purpose of research and education and have no intent for commercial uses. We are grateful that others share their information with the Internet community and that it is so easily available to those with a computer.  We also hope that their sites will exist far into the future and not disappear due to unforeseen circumstances.  Even so, if you wish for your information to be removed from our site, please let us know.