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Below is a list of different galleries and their contact information.  For your information!


On-Line Gallery Information

Name City, State Contact information
  Utah Indian summer
  Maine Pueblo Pottery in Maine
  California Firecloud Arts Pottery
  New Mexico Adobe Gallery
    Agape Southwest pottery
    All Tribes
    The Buchsbaum Gallery
  South Carolina Catawba Pottery
    Canyon Country
    Cherokee Gift Shop
    Chimayo Trading & Mercantile
  New Mexico Farnsworth Taos
    Fine Pueblo Pottery
    Indian Sun
    Iroquois Indian Pottery
Tammie Allen, Walking Spirit Pottery Jicarilla Apache
    Kleywood Native American Pottery
    King Galleries
    Mata Ortiz Ollas
    Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts
    SpiritWorks Art Company
    Sun Dancer East
    Tarahumara Indian Pottery
    Traditional Pottery Arts
Old Territorial Shop Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  Florida Native American Indian Jewelry
  Florida Aboriginals: Art of the First Person