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EBAY - El Paso, Albert Alvidrez


I had the opportunity to travel to Chihuahua as a guest of Televista News and was a guest of Governor Martinez. They provided an opportunity to learn about the tourism plans they have outlined for their state. Our purpose was to first hand see and hear the Governors plans on tourism. As part of the hosting, we were taken to and housed in the

beautiful hotel Sombreno (I think that's how you spell it) which is the most exclusive hotel in Chihuahua. It is beautiful and sits next to the golf course of their country club. Anyway, at their gift shop they provide a section, dedicated to the local arts of the area, and I purchased these items you see listed as Tarahumara. The attendant told me that the Tarahumara people were the ones who made all those articles. None of those pieces are signed, however. The Governor has invited us back to take a personal helicopter tour and visit the Tarahumara community that dwells in the mountain. I hope to attend and see first hand this technique that is indeed not associated with the Tarahumara. I guess, they too are diversifying. Modern fine pieces now carry pueblo designs that were historically foreign to them. Perhaps pan-indianism has reached their community. I hope this helps.  - from Albert Alvidrez, Tigua