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The Choctaw are located in Mississippi and Tennessee..  The pottery is often characterized by its dark clay.


  1. Water Bottle  - Laura Solomon

  2. Duck bowl - Laura Solomon




Choctaw pottery survived into the 20th century with only a few practitioners. Grady John, who learned the craft from his cousin L.D. John, created duck, crawfish, and opossum effigy pots as well as bowls and jars using all the traditional ways. Both, Mr. John and his uncle worked at the Chucalissa archeological museum in Memphis, TN for many years. Sadly, Grady passed away in 2002.

One of his students in the late 70's was Mrs. Laura Solomon - a Choctaw woman also living in Memphis.  She made the above pieces for us upon request.  Along with Grady's surviving wife,  Laura is also one of the very few active Choctaw potters.  We hope that their art continues.


Pottery by Grady John