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Laguna Pueblo Pottery


  1. Canteen - Andrew Padilla

  2. Bowl - R.D.

  3. Bird Effigy - Michael Kanteena

  4. Seed Bowl - Sally R Garcia

  5. Owl Effigy - Michael Kanteena

  6. Canteen - Miriam Ortiz Davis

  7. Olla - Myron Sarracino

Laguna Pueblo is located in west-central New Mexico along Interstate 40.  Laguna, founded about 1700, followed so closely the Acoma pottery tradition that vessels made prior to about 1830 are difficult ascribe to the correct village. Acomita Polychrome is a type common to both pueblos. Laguna Polychrome (1830-1930) retains more of the Acomita Polychrome traits than do the contemporary jars from Acoma.  However, several artists have carved out their unique style, among whom are Sally Garcia, Andews Padilla and Michael Kanteena.

The Pueblo of Laguna consist of six villages that make up the pueblo. They are Encinal, Laguna, Mesita, Paguate, Paraje and Seama. The pueblo is governed by 21 Council members who meet weekly to discuss matters pertaining to the tribe. The Saint Joseph Mission Church can be seen from I-40 and is visible to all travelers. Pottery and other traditional crafts can be purchased at the Casa Blanca Commercial Center in the gift shop and other homes located on the pueblo.

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