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Walnut Canyon, Arizona


    Excellent information from the Logan Museum of Anthropology on line from Beloit, Wisconsin

All text and images are used courtesy of the Logan Museum of Anthropology, Beloit College
All objects illustrated are in the permanent collection of the Logan Museum.



The eruption of the volcano at Sunset Crater, in A.D.1064, forever altered the Sinagua culture. The region around Flagstaff, Arizona and the San Francisco Peaks was home to the northern Sinagua, while the area around the Verde Valley was home to the southern Sinagua.  



Sinagua utility pottery is categorized as Alameda Brown Ware. The only type represented in the Logan Collections is part of the Sunset Series. 

Alameda Brown Ware

Material: The clay is gray to brown and in early wares is characteristically tempered with abundant crushed sherd, while later wares have fine volcanic cinder.
Construction: Paddle-and-anvil
Firing: Oxidizing atmosphere
Forms: Flaring rims on both bowls and jars typical, and later vessels have a "Gila shoulder", an angled portion of the vessel's curvature which usually lies well below the center.

Sunset Series


Sunset Red 1000 - 1550
Late Pueblo II to Pueblo IV

Sunset Red was the primary culinary type of the Sinagua. In appearance, it is similar to Reserve Smudged, but it was made with the paddle-and- anvil method.