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    So you found us... here's a collage of our collection...

We're running out of room!

The Cabin - Taos Mountains are in the background to the right - 15 miles Northeast.
Pinion-Juniper country @ 6900 ft altitude on the Carson Mesa.

View video from 2012:

At the cabin for Christmas - the snow doesn't melt, it evaporates!

Monument Valley - 1986

Rio Grande Gorge - 1987 Pottery Trip

Along the Rio Grande, down in the gorge - 1990

Monument Valley - 1992

Tim - early years

1954 dressed up for Easter south of Buffalo

1955-56 way-back machine...
Mo - early years
Mo and sister Mickey Pictures for the papers

Viet Nam Tour - Feb. 1970 to Feb 1971 - Phan Rang

 1970 dressed up in Viet Nam

A motley crew showing how many days left
(I had way too many at this time)

Pang Rang Air Base


The barracks maids - enjoying a Tet feast

Playing jacks with Joe and Tucker



Group "W" Bench

Entrance to shop

Coming down from the outpost
- ammo dump in background

Mo - High School Years

1969 - Freshman at Half Moon Bay High

Monique - with "Moose" in Bay Area

1973 before graduation with best friend Terry


1974 - just beginning


More to come...

Tim & Mo's Creation Myth