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Traditional Potters

One of the extra benefits of collecting pottery from Native Americans is the historical and cultural knowledge that can be acquired along the way.

Take some time to learn the fascinating cultural background behind the potters that we so admire.  It can only expand your horizons.

Supplemental Information

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Three Major Divisions of Traditional Pottery




21 Pueblos in the Southwest USA:
19 in New Mexico;
1 in Arizona; 1 in Texas
These are the pueblos that existed before the Spanish conquest and that continue to exist today.






7 sites in the Southwest USA
and 3 sites in Mexico.
Both groups are in the desert regions of North America with some overlapping the Pueblos.


13 sites from the Mississippi area
to the East Coast.
These can be divided into
three groups: Mississippi, Southeast and Northeast.


Forty-four known sites within North America


Nations, Tribes, Pueblos and Mexican
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1 Taos Southwest Mississippi
2 Picuris 1 Mojave 1 Chickasaw
3 San Juan 2 Tohono O’Odham 2 Coushatta
4 Santa Clara 3 Pima 3 Choctaw
5 San Ildefonso 4 Maricopa 4 Osage
6 Nambe 5 Navajo Southeast
7 Pojoaque 6 Jicarilla Apache 5 Cherokee of NC
8 Tesuque



  Cherokee of OK
9 Cochiti


  Cherokee of AK & MI
10 Santo Domingo 8 Mata Ortiz 6 Catawba
11 San Felipe 9 Tarahumara 7 Haliwa-Saponi
12 Santa Ana 10 Oaxaca 8 Pamunkey
13 Zia 9 Rappahannack
14 Jemez 10 Upper Mattaponi
15 Sandia 11 Mattaponi
16 Isleta Northeast
17 Laguna 12 Iroquois
18 Acoma 13 Wampanoag
19 Zuni    
20 Hopi    

Ysleta del Sur