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Warren Sanders


2-1/2w x 4h






Catawba Arts - from the Artist


Commissioned 1/31/03

Warren made this piece upon request.  We asked for an owl with no preconceptions, and this beauty arrived.  Warren told us that the red shade of the clay is caused by burning it with a certain type of wood.  Different woods will bring out different colors. 

The burning (firing) process is long and risky.  A fire is built in a pit and allowed to burn down.  The pottery is placed on the coals and covered with wood and then burned down to coals again.  The fire is rebuilt two more times before the pieces are fully cured.  Warren says that he can smell the difference in the fire when the pottery is done.  The risk becomes clear when the fire burns down.  Sometimes the piece that they worked on for hours fractures or breaks in the process.  If not, they end up with pieces like the beauty owl pictured above and also this one here... and here... and here

Warren Sanders his wife Cheryl Harris Sanders have each been involved in Catawba pottery since they were children.  Their work speaks for itself.  In addition to their creations of pottery, they also travel to different classrooms in South Carolina to teach children about their art.

Warren and Cheryl can be contacted at the linked address for Catawba Arts.  A visit with them will be worth your while.