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Ignacia Duran


6w x 9-1/2h






Pot Carrier - Burlingame, CA




Ignacia Duran creates traditional Pueblo pottery from the natural clay she digs from the hills near her Tesuque Pueblo community.  Her clay figures replicate the famous and distinctive Tesuque Munas or "Rain Gods."

Working with clay brings back childhood memories of the other Tesuque women and her extended family members who have passed on and openly shared knowledge, stories and folklore of her people.  It is these memories that inspire her to teach the art and language to others in her Pueblo, as well as her fifty grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Duran is a member of the Tesuque Tewa language advisory committee and is currently involved in re-creating historical kiva pots that have been broken or are that no longer in the community.  In the spirit of "the clay belongs to the people," she freely gives her pots to community members for ceremonial use.

“Ignacia is a cultural resource none of us should ever take for granted.  Her clay forms express a solid connection to a way of life that makes so much practical, cultural and religious sense.  Ignacia does not build large artworks or is not seen in major Native art magazines; Ignacia lives on the Tesuque Pueblo reservation and creates her life, quietly forming her clay beings and teaching her grandchildren the "Old Way."....Nora Naranjo Morse, nominator