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Tesuque Pueblo Pottery

  1. Tesuque Poster Paint Pottery

  2. Bowl - Ignacia Duran

  3. Bird Effigy - Ignacia Duran

Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market
Opening: March 2008
Closing for the season in December
Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hours: 8am 5pm
Contact #s: (505) 670-2599, (505) 231-8536

Tesuque Pueblo is located in north-central New Mexico. The examples of Powhoge Polychrome made in Tesuque in the late 1700s and early 1800s are at least as fine as those from San Ildefonso, and in some cases they are perhaps even more artistic and better made. The decoration is both vigorous and sensitive in execution, usually carried out with sure command. These stone-polished Tesuque vessels are distinguished from those of San Ildefonso by having flatter bases, more ripply surfaces, occasional crystalline rocks in the paste, and a somewhat different style of design. Around 1830 the Tesuque variety of Powhoge Polychrome evolved into Tesuque Polychrome and this beautiful type was popular from that time until as late as 1910.


Nestled cozily in the soft red-brown foothills in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains 10 miles (16 kilometers) north of Santa Fe, Tesuque Pueblo has an air of centuries old tranquility. Situated around a large central plaza, the Pueblo has stood on this site since 1200 AD.

The Tesuque people have remained committed to their beliefs and are today one of the most traditional of all the New Mexico Pueblos in observing their ceremonies and preserving their culture. The Annual Feast Day of San Diego on November 12, the Christmas Day Celebration, the King's Day festivities in January and the Corn Dance on the first weekend in June are open to the public. Photography is not allowed, just as it is not allowed in church, but seeing one of the dances is an unforgettable experience.

Today over 400 people live at the Pueblo. They speak their native Tewa language as well as English and in many cases, Spanish. The reservation encompasses more than 17,000 acres including Aspen Ranch and the Vigil Grant, two wooded areas in the Santa Fe National Forest.

Camel Rock, a naturally eroded sandstone formation, stands guard as it has for centuries. The Pueblo owns and operates the Camel Rock Casino, Camel Rock Suites, Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market, the Tesuque Trailer Park. and the Tesuque Natural Farms.

There are many fine artists at Tesuque creating pottery, painting and sculpture. You will also see silver work and traditional clothing created in the Pueblo.


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