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Jemez Pueblo is located in north-central New Mexico

  1. Olla - Mary Madalena

  2. Canteen - Laura Gauchupin

  3. Owl Effigy - Mary Small

  4. Owl Effigy -

  5. Wedding Vase - Martina Chinana

  6. Bowl - Caroline G. Loretto

  7. Bird Effigy - Caroline Loretto

  8. Miniature Pitcher - unsigned

  9. Bird Effigy - Rose Sandia

  10. Bird Effigy -

  11. Eagle Effigy - Lawrence Toya

  12. Bird Effigy -

  13. Snake Effigy - Waquiu

  14. Bowl - Juanita Yepa

  15. Owl Effigy - Laura Gauchupin

  16. Bowl - Jose R. Loretto

  17. Mini-Wedding Vase - unsigned (not shown)

  18. Bowl - unsigned (not shown)


The Pueblo of Jemez is the only remaining village of the Towa speaking pueblos in New Mexico. It is surrounded by colorful red sandstone mesas and serves as the gateway to the Ca–on de San Diego and the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway. The pueblo itself is located 27 miles (43 kilometers) northwest of Bernalillo. Visitors can stop at the Walatowa Visitor Center which houses a reconstructed traditional Jemez field house, a photo exhibit, a gift shop and other cultural exhibits.

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